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Whitelist MAC Address

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Whitelisting MAC addresses is important to enable access and help ensure Purple's service works without issue.  

Whitelisting one device at a time

Multiple devices can be whitelisted from within the portal but they need to be added one at a time.
Therefore, if you have a bulk list of devices it may be quicker to contact our support team as noted in the bulk upload section below. 
For a single device:
1. Navigate to your venue information, found within the Management > Customers lefthand sidebar option in the portal. 

2. Click into the 'Settings' tab at the top of the page:
3. MAC Authentication needs to be toggled on to whitelist a device's MAC Address:
4. Enter the 12-digit MAC Address, select a timeout period if you want one - the default is no timeout period. Once complete, select 'Add to Whitelist'. This device will now show in your list of whitelisted devices:

Bulk Whitelisting

Contact our support team for assistance, using our chat functionality here.
Typically the easiest way to manage this is by providing a CSV file listing all of the venue names and device MAC addresses. 



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