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Asset Tracking User Guide

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Mobile Experience

Welcome screens will greet you the first time you launch the app. After reading these, the next step is to log in using your business email address:

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After accepting any required terms and conditions, privacy policies, and/or EULA agreement, you’ll be able to view existing assets and destinations.

The map will show as a high level overview. Selecting a location will allow you to see the points within:

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Selecting an individual marker:

  • Displays the name and description
  • Allows you to save or share the location

Saved destinations will show at the top of search results where relevant. Saving a location marks the selected point for better visibility:


Pressing ‘Share’ gives the option to copy the URL or send it to another person via installed apps:


Location elements continue to work when offline if you have downloaded the location beforehand.

Locations automatically download after first loading them, provided you are using WiFi. Automatic downloads will not take place from mobile provider data.

While maps are downloading, you can continue to use the app as normal.


Search for assets and categories by selecting the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the screen.


Web Experience

Log in using your business email address.

Table view

At the bottom of the screen when first having logged in, a full list of assets will be available to view.

Each asset can be searched for by Asset Name, ID, type or description.  Clicking an asset’s name will take you to its current location.

The asset’s activity will show as either ‘No data’, or ‘Active’. If the tagged item is on a mapped location and detectable, the asset will show as Active. Otherwise – if the item doesn’t have a working tag or is outside of the mapped location – the asset will display as No data.


Clicking an active asset’s name will show you its location in real time on the map.

Search functionality is also available above the assets.

Type the name of the desired asset and it will appear. Selecting it at this point will take you to its present location:


Map view

Select ‘Map viewer’ in the top-right of the screen.

The map view provides a larger view of your locations, where you can:

  • Drag your cursor to see more of the map
  • Go full screen, or zoom in and out using the buttons in the bottom-right
  • View a group of assets by selecting the blue dot. The number in the circle shows how many assets are present

Assets can then be viewed and selected. Your icons representing each asset will depend on their type:


Selecting an asset at this point will display the name, description, and most recently logged location: 


Where there are multiple floors, you can switch between these by clicking on the desired floor in the lower right-hand corner of the screen:


If you have multiple locations, switch between them in the upper right-hand corner of the screen:


To exit the map viewer setting, click the large X in the top-right of the map screen. 



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