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Wayfinding from Epic MyCharts

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To help your patients arrive at their appointments in the right place and at the right time, you can use Purple Wayfinding with Epic MyCharts. When the patient logs in to the MyChart mobile app the appointment details include a link to the appointment location, the patient can use this link to open the web or the mobile app to get step by step directions to their appointment.

User flow

Deeplink set up

  1. Purple requests the EPIC Dep ID for each applicable Point of Interest (POI), each Dep ID must be unique.

  2. Within the Admin Portal, Purple add the DEP IDs for each POI that needs a deeplink.

  3. Purple provide the base URL structure so the EPIC team can update the Dep ID.

  4. When the links are set up, the MyCharts app validates the URL and redirects the user to the deeplink URL to open the Wayfinding app or webpage.

Base URL structure

The base URL structure is as follows:

https://[Customer_domain_name]/index.html#home?to=[Dep_ID_value]&TLU=Dep_ID&from=[POI_ID] e.g. http://acme.yourdirectroute.com/index.html#home?to=60366&TLU=MainLobby200


  • [Customer_domain_name]: Customers web address, e.g. www.acme.org or it could be a domain assigned by Purple, e.g. acme.yourdirectroute.com.

  • [Dep_ID_value]: The DEP ID value, a unique number for each POI, e.g. 60366.

  • [POI_ID]: This is optional, it is only required if you want to use a start location to provide directions from, e.g. MainLobby200. If you don't provide a start location the mobile app uses the current location as the start and the web app requires the user to enter a start location.

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