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Test the Wayfinding Web App

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When you set up Wayfinding it's important to test the web application to ensure it is accurate and navigates you to the correct destinations.

You should also test the application if you make any changes to the floorplans, routes, hardware, or if a visitor reports an issue. When you test you should verify the following:

  • All routes follow the main passageways defined by you

  • All destination drop points are in the correct location

  • The correct elevators and recommended parking are assigned to the destinations

Purple send you a spreadsheet to record your feedback on the routes you test.

Test plan

It is important to understand that to test every single combination of routes is almost impossible. However, by taking a systematic approach to the tests we can identify any issues and address feedback that affect the overall directions.

Before you start the tests, we will go over sets of directions and discuss what to expect and how best to provide feedback.

Internal route tests

This is a systematic and gradual test of the solution. Purple send you a spreadsheet with links to destinations spanning a single floor. You must provide feedback within the spreadsheet Purple provide and send it back to Purple, at which point feedback will be addressed.

You may be asked to retest applicable feedback.

Randomized test (optional)

Utilize the web solution fully and test any additional routes you deem important that have not been addressed. At this point you have worked through most directions that required changes, and it is up to you to determine how many more sets of directions you want to test.

Some clients create their own spreadsheet where they use unique quicklinks and run at least one set of directions that hits each location.

Provide feedback

We recommend that one key stakeholder in your business reviews all feedback for consistency.

Purple provide you with a spreadsheet to log all feedback. Each row in the spreadsheet contains a Start point/End point, link to the route, and feedback column. You must verify the following:

  • Start and end destination names are correct

  • Start and end physical locations are correct

  • Elevator/entrance/skyway name is correct

  • The line drawn for the route is going the right way

  • The wording on the step by step directions makes sense

General Feedback – Include feedback in the General Feedback column for terminology that applies to all instances, e.g. Change the name hallway to hall, update restrooms to read bathroom, etc.

The feedback column may contain any of the following information specific to the route being tested:

  • Route includes incorrect elevator (include correct elevator).

  • Route includes incorrect parking association (include correct parking).

  • Destination Quicklink (drop point) in the wrong spot (include correct location).

  • Spelling used in the route - Copy the line item with the error, paste it into the feedback column and provide a note about what to update e.g. Enter Elevator A (update to Enter Elevator B).

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