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Introduction to Wayfinding

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Purple Wayfinding is a SaaS cloud based solution that creates a digital map to help visitors navigate a building and find what they need quickly and safely.

Wayfinding is available to end users in three applications; Kiosk, Web & Mobile. You can implement these applications in any configuration e.g. Kiosk only, Web only, Web + Kiosk, Web + Mobile, etc.

The Mobile solution, also called blue dot, provides turn by turn directions in real time, and updates the user's position as they move through the journey.

The Web and Kiosk solution provide navigation from a start point to a destination via a static route. It provides the end user with the directions so they can get to the required destination but doesn’t indicate their position as they move through the journey.

The solution has an annual license per product plus a one-time setup fee based on total area square footage.

Wayfinding has a central content management (Admin) tool to set up, control & amend all content within the systems e.g. Map set up and configuration, the addition/removal of Points of Interest (POI) etc.  

Blue dot

The combination of WiFi, BLE beacon and Geomagnetic data create the blue dot. The collection of data creates "Fingerprints" of the facility for blue dot positioning and tracking. We use Bluetooth beacons, existing WiFi APs, and the Earth’s “Geomagnetic core” and based on their signal strength, we can calculate where the user is, and navigate them accordingly.

The end user needs an active connection to the internet, to download the latest updates, maps data, etc. they can use either their mobile data or the WiFi but it is not compulsory to connect to the WiFi network in the venue, as all the data is stored in the cloud on Microsoft azure.

The Web/Kiosk solution only needs the internet connection, and no additional hardware, as it does not update in real time.  

Data store

The data is stored on the cloud, and does not need any storage considerations on the venue’s network. To store data, we use the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

Purple only store names, locations and assets required to deliver the customer's maps. No end user data is collected or stored, except optionally the user may choose to submit their journey with a comment and rating, at which point we store the exact journey the app took for assessment, but no details that can identify the app or user. 

Purple Admin Tool (Maps/Data Setup and Beacon Monitoring)

The Admin tool contains the maps that are end user facing and the data that feeds into the Kiosk, Web and Mobile Solutions. In the Admin Tool you can set up the routing paths on the maps which are the walkable areas in the building.

When you set up the beacons within the Admin Tool you can access the Estimote Beacon health reports (battery and last seen date).

The Admin Tool is accessible from https://admin.yourdirectroute.com/, the login is client specific and has the option to setup 2 factor authentication, Purple create the logins and send the details during implementation. 


All Platforms (Kiosk, Web, Mobile)

  • Centralized Cloud-Hosted Data Management (Admin) tool

  • Analytics and reports

  • Door to door wayfinding directions with detailed step-by-step directions summary

  • Reverse / Return Route

  • Unlimited Points of Interests with customizable attributes and route weighting

  • Customizable maps to match branding, building signage and iconography

  • Calendar of Events and various other location specific information

  • Recommended parking / arrival points for driving, ride share and public transit

  • Calculated time to arrival including travel time to the campus

  • Tag based and robust fuzzy search

  • Integration with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Uber and Lyft

  • Integration with 3rd party data feeds

  • Integration with appointment reminders

  • Universal deep linking to mobile and web

  • QR code support

  • Privacy Policy/End User Agreement


  • Interactive maps and directions

  • Integrated powerful digital signage system when not in use

  • Print or email directions to user or QR code to scan with mobile phone

  • Any size screen ranging from table to large 60" touchscreen

Kiosk Specifications explain the minimum requirements for a Kiosk to run Wayfinding.


  • Responsive design to accommodate desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices

  • Visitor pre-planning

  • Offsite-to-onsite directions, the ability to hand off map to local GPS and back again

  • Email and print directions


  • Hybrid location system utilizes WiFi, BLE beacons and Geomagnetic positioning to reduce number of required beacons by up to 85%

  • Fully branded for your company

  • Automatic user location and floor detection within 7 seconds

  • Blue Dot accuracy to within 5 feet

  • Blue Dot navigation indoors and in parking garages

  • Blue Dot works offline and in building dead zones

  • Meet / share location

  • Save parking and other location

  • Remaining time and distance indicator and automatic rerouting if user strays off path

  • Recommended parking based on chosen destination and time of day

  • Rating and feedback surveys at destination with accompanying photographs

  • SDKs / APIs (iOS, Android, React Native, NativeScript, Ionic/Capacitor)

  • Intuitive, engaging interfaces with animated route path, seamless elevator transitioning, map auto orientation and map controls (rotate, pan, zoom), and audible and tactile turn prompts

  • Dynamically created geofences for location-based notifications (with opt in/out)

  • Centralized beacon battery monitoring

Management and analytics engine

  • Manage system content

  • Points of interest (POI) & landmark creation/editing

  • Geofencing notification creation/editing

  • Preferred path maintenance

  • KPI dashboards & analytics

  • Role-based access

  • Reporting Dashboard

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