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Test the Wayfinding Mobile App

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When you set up Wayfinding it's important to test the mobile application to ensure it is accurate and navigates you to the correct destinations. You should also test the application if you make any changes to the floorplans, routes, hardware, or if a visitor reports an issue. When you test you should verify you can do the following:

  • Select a destination and receive blue dot navigation from the start point to the destination

  • Save a location while walking and navigate back to your destination

Download the test app


  1. Download the TestFlight app from the App store.

  2. Purple will send you an invitation from TestFlight, accept the invitation and enter the code from the invite.

  3. You can now launch the app from inside the TestFlight app which allows you to provide feedback for any issues you encounter.


  1. Purple will send you an invitation with a link to download an application.

  2. Click the link to enable access to your device and download and install the app.

  3. The app allows you to provide feedback for any issues you encounter.


Test plan

When you test the application, you should test the following:

  • Routes which start in each building that remain on the same floor. This doesn't need to be done on every floor, but we recommend you test single floor long paths.

  • Complex routes which involve one or more elevator change or transition (e.g. tunnel, parking or skyway).

Throughout the test, you should check for the following issues:

  • Blue dot displays in a location far away from where you should start and doesn't self correct.

  • The incorrect floor loads and doesn't adjust when you walk.

  • Blue dot lags when you walk and doesn't catch up.

  • Blue dot doesn't follow the correct line, for example, it's on a parallel path or a different floor.

  • Elevator prompt appears too late or too early.

  • The app indicates you have reached your destination too early or you don't receive a message when you do reach the destination.


Report an issue

If you have any issues with a route you should walk the route again to ensure you can recreate the issue. If the issue relates to the data - for example a spelling mistake, missing destination, or directs you through an inaccessible route, add this as a note in the comments section.

  1. To report an issue, when you reach your destination you'll receive an arrival message and a rating screen appears.

  2. Use the rating screen to report the session. Enter where you started and a brief description of the issue.

  3. Use the star rating points as follows and Purple will investigate the issue accordingly:

    5 stars

    No issues, you were able to navigate to the destination successfully. Comments are not required for routes with no issues.

    4 stars Minor issues, however you were able to successfully navigate to the destination. Purple will look into the issues but these are not considered a major concern.

    3 stars

    One significant issue.

    2 stars

    Multiple issues within one route.

    1 star

    Multiple significant issues 


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