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Configure BLE on Fortinet APs

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To configure BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) on Fortinet Access Points (APs), follow these steps:


1. Log in to the Fortinet AP's web-based management interface. You'll need the appropriate administrative credentials.

2. Navigate to the Wireless settings or Wi-Fi settings section, where you can configure the wireless features.

3. Enable the BLE feature. The exact location of this option may vary depending on the firmware version and model of your Fortinet AP. Look for options related to Bluetooth or BLE.

4. Configure the BLE settings. Once enabled, you can specify the parameters for BLE, such as advertising interval, transmit power, and other relevant options. These settings are often found in a subsection dedicated to BLE or under the general wireless settings.

5. Set up security for BLE. Fortinet APs typically offer security features for wireless networks. Ensure you configure the appropriate security measures for the BLE functionality. You may need to set up a passphrase, enable encryption, or select other security options based on your requirements.

6. Save the configuration. After making the necessary changes, save the configuration on the Fortinet AP.

7. Test the BLE functionality. You can now test the BLE functionality by using compatible devices to scan for and connect to the Fortinet AP's Bluetooth signal. Make sure you have devices with BLE capabilities to properly test the connectivity.


It's important to note that the specific steps and options might differ based on the firmware version and model of your Fortinet AP. Always refer to the official documentation provided by Fortinet or consult their support resources for detailed instructions specific to your device model.

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