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Asset Tracking Notifications via LogicFlow

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Asset tracking notifications can be sent via email and SMS message by using LogicFlow.

Notifications can be programmed based on assets entering or leaving geozones, with options also available to take into account the specific time or day.

As an example, it can be programmed so that when a tracked iPad leaves its designated geozone on a Saturday night, specified users can be notified via email and/or SMS that this has taken place.

Enable Asset Tracking Logic Flow

This needs to be enabled with super-admin permissions. The relevant page is located by navigating to Management > Venues, then selecting Settings.

Toggle the 'Enable asset tracking logic flow event' to 'on' to give access to the required LogicFlow v2 page:


Creating the Logic Flow

Within LogicFlow v2, click 'Add logic flow', and complete as follows:

  • Input a recognizable name
  • Select the event: 'Location > Asset tracking' 


  • Click 'Create':


Set up the Logic Flow

After creating the logic flow you'll be presented with a new start node where the following options can be selected:

  • An asset (this has to have previously been set up. Instructions here). 
  • An event (the asset entering or exiting the geozone)
  • The designated geozone

Once the start node has been completed, conditions and actions can be added. These include:

  • Day/time - conditions relating to a day or time, such as actions only being set for weekends
  • Email alert - sends an email to selected recipients
  • SMS alert - sends an SMS message to selected recipients

Email and SMS alerts have similar options, with a key difference being that SMS messages require a connector to be set up. For more information on available connectors, click here

Options for email include: 

  • Recipients - Enter the recipient by email address
  • Subject - Add the subject heading
  • Message - Enter the desired body text. This can also be written in html
  • Alert frequency - By default, one alert is sent per minute to each recipient

Options for SMS include:

  • Recipients - Enter the recipient by from a dropdown list, with options consisting of portal users. All portal users in scope that have a valid mobile number set will show. 
  • Message - Enter the desired text
  • Alert frequency - By default, one alert is sent per minute to each recipient

After setting up the logic flow with all relevant nodes and connecting the nodes together by dragging the blue circles from one box to the next, the logic flow can be published:



For more information on other LogicFlow options, click here.  

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