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Aruba Instant On

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There are two ways to configure an Instant On AP - either through the cloud portal or via the mobile app.

Configuring through the cloud portal:

Log in to your Aruba Instant On portal at

Step 1 - Networks

Click the Networks icon and then Add a new network. Configure with:

Network Name
Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
Network type

Press Save to confirm. Next, on the network you just created, click the Customize guest portal link and configure with:

Portal type
Server URL
*insert access_url here*
Redirect URLy
*insert redirect_url here*
Whitelisted domains

Add the following entries:

*insert access_domain here*

Note: If you wish to support social network logins, you also need to add the below entries for each network you plan to support.





Send RADIUS Accounting
Primary RADIUS Server IP
*insert radius_server_ip here*
Primary RADIUS Server Secret
*insert radius_secret here*
Secondary RADIUS Server
Secondary RADIUS Server IP
*insert radius_server2_ip here*
Secondary RADIUS Server Secret
*insert radius_secret here*

Press Apply changes to save.

The configuration is now complete.

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