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Netgear R6220

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NOTE: You will require firmware version V1.1.0.50_1.0.1 or below in order to continue. Please download this version and downgrade your firmware to this version if required.

The Netgear R6220 requires a manual upgrade as the web interface does not accept the new firmware. However, this is straight forward.

Enable debug mode by clicking (username: admin, password: password by default). You will see "Debug Enabled!"

Use PuTTy or a similar terminal problem and connect to via telnet on port 23. Login with "root". You are now connected to the command line. Type each below command one line at a time.

  1. cd /tmp
  2. wget
  3. wget
  4. mtd_write write ng-r6220-rootfs.bin Rootfs
  5. mtd_write write ng-r6220-kernel.bin Kernel
  6. reboot

The router will now reboot and within 5 minutes should be ready to use as normal.

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