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Cisco Meraki Go

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Meraki Go APs do not support RADIUS authentication and accounting. Therefore, some reports in the portal like users online now and network reports will be unavailable. Tiered Bandwidth is also unavailable.

Open the Meraki Go app on your phone

Step 1 - Wireless Settings

Press the Settings icon at the bottom and then press WiFi network. Edit an existing network you wish to use or Add a new network. Configure with:

Network Name
Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
Leave blank (no password)
Guest network

Press Save to confirm.

Step 2 - Guest Portal

On the SSID settings page press the Landing page option. Press Externally hosted and configure with:

*insert access_url here*
Timeout Frequency
Every four hours
Walled Garden

Add the required domains. Please refer to this list.

Redirect to Website
*insert redirect_url here*

Press Save to confirm and then return to the WiFi network settings. Configure with:

Guest Network


The configuration is now complete.


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