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Open a web browser and log in to your Ruckus Cloud dashboard at

Click Networks on the left menu then Add Network. Configure with the below settings:

Network Name
Guest WiFi (or whatever you wish)
Captive Portal

click Next and configure with:

Captive Portal Type
3rd Party Captive Portal (WISPr)

click Next and configure with:

Portal Provider
Captive Portal URL
*insert access_url here*
Integration Key
Make a note of this key. You'll need to enter it on the Venue > Settings page in your portal
Walled Garden

Please refer to this list.

Click Next and select which Venue to apply the configuration to. Enable the venue by turning the Activated switch to ON.

If you are asked to select which AP's to apply to, choose All APs unless you have a specific requirement.

Click Next to confirm settings and then Create to finish.


Please ensure you have copied the Integration Key to your portal under Venue > Settings as per above


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