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LigoWave APC

Configure your PC with a static IP address on the subnet (i.e. with a mask of

Connect the APC Ethernet interface into the same physical network as your PC. 

Wait a few minutes for the AP to boot-up.

Open a web browser and type in to the address bar

The default username is "admin" and the password is "admin01" (unless you have changed these prior)


Click on "Configuration" tab on the top menu and then select "Network" from the sub menu below.


On the "Network Mode" drop down menu, select "Router"

Still on the Configuration tab, select "Wireless" from the sub menu and set the SSID to whatever wireless network name (SSID) you wish to broadcast

On the Security section, click the "Security" drop down menu, and choose "UAM"


Enter the following settings:
  • Radius Server 1: *insert radius_server here*
  • Radius Server 2: *insert radius_server2 here*
  • Radius Secret: *insert radius_secret here*
  • Radius Auth Port: 1812
  • Radius Acct Port: 1813
  • Radius Web Page Type: External
  • UAM Login Page: *insert access_url here*
  • UAM Secret: *insert uam_secret here*

DHCP Server Settings:

  • Interface IP Address:
  • DHCP Server:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • DNS Server 1:

On the White list section add the following (clicking the + to add entries)

*insert access_domain here*

If you wish to support social network logins, you also need to add the domains below for each network you plan to support



  • Click on Apply & Save, then restart the device.


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