Bienvenido a Soporte Purple


Please connect an Ethernet cable from your existing modem/router/network in to the port labelled "Internet/WAN" on the back of the TP-Link

Connect an Ethernet cable between port 1 on the back of the TP-Link and your computer

Turn on the router and wait for a few minutes

Open a web browser and type in to the address bar. If this doesn't work, try or 

You will be prompted to log-in. The default username is "admin" and the password is "admin" (unless you have changed these prior).

Click on "System Tools" on the left menu

Click on "Firmware Upgrade" on the left menu

Click on "Browse or Choose File" and select the firmware file that you have been provided

Click on "Upgrade" and press "OK" to confirm. The upgrade process will now begin and take up to 5 minutes to complete.


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