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Ruijie RG Series AP

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At present there is no GUI / web interface available to configure the required settings. Therefore, please configure the AP (either directly via Telnet/SSH or via Ruijie Cloud) by deploying the following configuration. Be sure to substitute the relevant wlan id and ssid as per your existing configuration.

For the "free-url" line, please run this command for each domain on this list.

aaa group server radius guestwifi
server *insert radius_server_ip here*
server *insert radius_server2_ip here*
aaa new-model
aaa accounting network guestwifi start-stop group guestwifi
aaa authentication web-auth default group guestwifi
aaa authentication cpweb guestwifi group guestwifi
ip dns snooping enable
free-url url *see above*
no service password-encryption
radius-server host *insert radius_server_ip here* key *insert radius_secret here*
radius-server host *insert radius_server2_ip here* key *insert radius_secret here*
radius-server attribute 31 mac format ietf
web-auth auth-server ip
web-auth auth-server http port 8082
web-auth auth-server submit-url
web-auth accounting cpweb guestwifi
web-auth acct-update-interval 5
web-auth template guestwifi cpweb
ip *insert walled_garden_ip here*
url *insert access_url here*
login-success response redirect-url *insert redirect_url here*
fmt custom encry none submit-url login_url= user-mac client_mac mac-format line ap-mac ap_mac mac-format line ssid ssid url orig_url 
web-auth portal key guestwifi
web-auth portal guestwifi
dot11 wlan 1
ssid "Guest WiFi"
ssid-code utf-8 !
wlansec 1
web-auth accounting cpweb guestwifi
web-auth authentication cpweb guestwifi
web-auth portal guestwifi


The configuration is now complete. Be sure to save your config.

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