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Blue Dot Experience

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Three components make up the blue dot mobile experience. Fingerprinting, Beacons, and Map/Data setup. Each component is tied to a different solution, and the three together create the mobile experience.

IndoorAtlas is utilized to achieve indoor positioning. Contrary to common belief, the distortions caused by building materials such as steel and concrete can be used with the earth's magnetic field to better locate devices indoors. With accurate setup, accuracy of location can be achieved to within 2 and 5 metres. 

IndoorAtlas (Fingerprints)

The Blue Dot is created by the collection of WiFi, BLE beacon, and Geomagnetic data. These are all collected into “Fingerprints” of the facility for Blue Dot positioning and tracking.

The data from signals is processed and condensed into a magnetic signal map, which is automatically downloaded by IndoorAtlas mobile SDK to the end user's device at runtime. 

IndoorAtlas has the following tools for gathering, testing and reviewing fingerprints:

Collecting Data

Android App: IndoorAtlas MapCreator

Testing Blue Dot

iOS devices: Positioning App

Android devices: IndoorAtlas MapCreator

Map configuration and fingerprint analytics

Uploading maps, setting way points for fingerprinting, beacon placement planning, reviewing analytics and troubleshooting session issues.


Login is client specific. Purple creates the login and will send the details during Implementation.

IndoorAtlas Resources

Watch the training videos.

Read the support documentation.

Estimote (Beacons)

Android and iOS use beacons for improved positioning accuracy. However, Beacons are required for iOS positioning as WiFi positioning is blocked by Apple.

Estimote is the beacon manufacturer most used during Purple Implementations. The iBeacon packet is configured on every beacon. Each beacon is associated with a point on the map.

Each beacon is assigned a unique set of data

  • UUID is created and unique to the facility being implemented.

  • Major identifies the floor.

  • Minor identifies the beacon on the floor and is a sequential number beginning with 1.


  • The Login is client specific. Purple creates the login and will send the details during Implementation.


Use the Estimote App on Android/iPhone to set up beacons.

Purple Admin Tool (Maps/Data Setup and Beacon Monitoring)

The Admin tool contains the maps and data that feed into the Kiosk, Web and Mobile Solutions. The maps in the Admin Tool are end user facing.

Routing Paths – or the walkable areas in the solutions are outlined in the Admin Tool.

Estimote Beacon health reports (battery and last seen date) are displayed after beacons are set up in the Admin Tool.

Web URL:

Login is client specific. Purple creates the login and will send the details during Implementation.

Tying it all Together

The maps in IndoorAtlas will be used for fingerprinting.

The maps in the Admin Tool will be used to draw paths, add destinations, and are ultimately what end users see when using the product.

Maps are tied together between the IndoorAtlas app and the Admin tools with an IndoorAtlas floor location identifier. The location ID is tied via the Mapping/Floor List menu in the Admin Tool.

UUID on beacon’s are unique to a client (facility). The same UUID created for a facility is assigned to every beacon and captured in the fingerprint data.

The UUID is whitelisted by IndoorAtlas to allow only applicable beacon data to be captured.

The beacons are loaded into the Admin Tool to monitor battery life and last seen date.

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