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Analytics provides you with a selection of reports to show visitor demographics, behaviors, technology and network use and venue data. These analytics can help you make decisions about your venue, choose which marketing campaigns and advertising to use, ensure the right levels of staff are in the right place at the right time, where to position points of interest and much more. The reports are grouped into the following categories:

You can add dimensions to the reports to combine multiple criteria, change the chart type and filter the data. You can also download the reports, schedule them to be sent on a regular basis or save the reports with any filters, dimensions or chart types you may have applied.

Download a Report

You can download the data from a report as either:

  • PDF - This downloads the filters with their percentages and the chart image into a PDF file.

  • CSV - This downloads the values into a CSV file, there may be multiple CSV files if filters are applied, in this case the download is a ZIP file which contains the CSV files.

To download a report, click the ellipsis and choose the download type.

Schedule a Report

You can send a PDF file of a report to specified recipients and frequency. This is useful to quickly get the numbers you need on a regular basis. To schedule a report:

  1. Click the ellipsis and choose Schedule report.

  2. Enter a name for the schedule and choose if you want to include the chart, table or both and click Next.

  3. Select how often you want to deliver the report and what day you want to send it on and click Next.

  4. The report is sent as a downloadable link which has a lifespan, enter the number of days you want the download link for the PDF to be available for before it expires, this must be between 1 and 30. Click Next.

  5. Select which users you want to receive the report and click Next.

  6. The summary screen appears, check that all of the options are correct and click Create schedule.

Dimension Selector

The dimension selector allows for data to be split by an additional aspect, allowing for a more granular view of customer behavior within your venue. This appears at the top of the report and defaults to Overview

Chart Types

There are a number of chart types you can select from to view your report in the way that makes the most sense to you. Certain chart types may not be available on all reports. Click chart settings to change the chart type or chart grouping.

Date Range

By default, most charts show data for the last 30 days. You can alter this date range with the calendar, enter it manually or you can choose from the predefined date ranges.

Note: Data is only available from the venue's date of creation, therefore this is the earliest date you can use within analytics.


You can apply filters to charts to show only the information you want to see.

For example, you could filter by male with an age range of 25-34 that have connected via Facebook using an iPhone:

The Filter Options determine how the percentages appear within the filters and if the data includes authenticated, unauthenticated or both.

Data tables and column filtering

The table below the report shows the category and values present in the chart, you can apply filters on a per column basis to exclude values that match any, or all, of the filters specified. If you filter out rows in the table the value is blank within both the table and chart, this does not affect the filter breakdown at the top of the page.

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