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IP Changes for Cisco WLC & UniFi

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What changed and why?

To add extra resilience and speed to our load balancing servers we required an additional IP address to be configured on your controller's ACL rules. Although the majority of wireless controllers support hostname ACL entries, some only allow IP addresses and an update was required for the Guest WiFi service to continue as normal.


When did it change?

The deadline to make the change was 21 April 2023. If the new IP address was not added by this date, end users would no longer be able to get online. 

For assistance, you can email support@purple.ai or start a live chat at Purple Support.


The process for adding the new IP address

The guides to add the new IP address to your controller(s) are available below: 

Current IP addresses:

  • ip_1
  • ip_2

Additional IP address:

  • new_ip_1
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