Splash Pages

Learn how to build, configure, and utilise different types of Splash Page to get the most from your Guest WiFi

  • Creating a new Splash Page
    1. Select ‘Create New Template’ to open a new template
    2. Enter the name in the text field
    3. Select the use from the dropdown ‘Offline’, ‘Online’, or ‘Out of Hours’
    4. Select the Ownership Scope and Owned By from the dropdown
    5. Select the type from the dropdown and select ‘Create New’ to progress

  • Using the Splash Page Builder
    1. Add modules by selecting ‘Header Modules’ or ‘Content Modules’ and selecting from the available dropdown options
    2. Move modules on the build area by selecting the navigation icon and dragging the module.
    3. Add or remove connection methods by selecting them from the options below
    4. Delete modules from the build area by selecting the trash can icon

      Tip: You must always include the Form option

  • Configuring Form Settings
    1. Select the Pencil Icon to open Form Settings and configure fields
    2. Enable or disable preset options and set fields as optional by sliding the toggle
    3. Select ‘Add Section Header’ to enter an introduction to the fields
    4. Select ‘Add Custom Fields’ to add a new field of your choice
    5. Choose either text or selection to choose a type of answer option

  • Offline Splash Pages Explained

    Offline Splash pages are always required as part of the onboarding to WiFi

    They are displayed before a user logs in and allow users to authenticate onto the network

    They can display limited content, but no external links/resources as the user is still in the Walled Garden

  • Online Splash Pages Explained

    Online Splash Pages are optional, as an Access Journey can redirect to a URL instead

    They are displayed after login when the user is no longer in the Walled Garden, so external links and media can be displayed

  • Out of Hours Splash Pages Explained

    Out of Hours Splash Pages are a special type of Offline Splash Page

    They are used to prevent logins outside of configured business hours

    Like a standard Offline Splash Page, the user is in the Walled Garden meaning only limited content can be displayed

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