Media Manager

Upload and manage video files to use as part of Access Journeys

  • Navigating the Media Manager
    1. Select an uploaded file to preview in either landscape or portrait orientation
    2. Select ‘Upload Media’ to add new media to your library
    3. Select the fly out options to preview or delete media from the library
  • Accepted Video Formats

    Video format
    We support most widely used media formats however we recommend mp4 for best performance and results.

    Additional recommendations on video upload files properties:
    Max upload size
    100 MB

    Video compression:
    H.264 codec is recommended

    Video Resolution and quality:
    Full HD 1920 * 1080
    Recommended bit rate: 8 Mbps
    Optimum Frames speed: 24fps

    Preferred aspect ratios

    If your audience is mainly mobile phone users and you would like them to view the video in portrait orientation, then upload a 9:16 aspect ratio video which is 1080 * 1920

    We will optimise the video to make it more suitable for a variety of devices, hence the output you will see might not be exactly as uploaded. However, you can preview the exact output video file in Media Manager.

  • Uploading Media
    1. Select ‘Upload Media’ to upload a video file
    2. Select ‘Browse’ to locate and choose media files
    3. Check the box to agree to terms and conditions before uploading
    4. Select Upload to begin the upload
  • Upload Statuses

    ‘Ready’ means the file is ready to be used within a LogicFlow, and can then be assigned to an Access Journey

    ‘Processing’ means the file you have uploaded is still being encoded to ensure it works perfectly when displayed within an Access Journey

    ‘Failed’ lets you know something did not go as planned. It’s best to try your upload again if you see this

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