Built-in customer profile management allowing you to search, filter, view, and download user records

  • Downloading a Profile Card
    1. Select the user or device from the CRM by selecting the profile image or ‘View’
    2. Select ‘Download profile’
    3. Select the format you would like to download the profile in (PDF or CSV)
    4. Save or view the file
  • Downloading Records as a CSV File
    1. Filter the CRM view to the date range/profile criteria that you wish to view
    2. Select ‘Download’
    3. View or save the file when prompted
  • Downloading Records as a CSV File (CRM Download Queueing Enabled)
    1. Filter the CRM view using the desired profile criteria and select ‘Download’
    2. When prompted, enter the desired date range of the download and select ‘Confirm’
    3. Once the data file has been generated you will receive an email notification.

      You can find the CSV file in ‘My account’ under the ‘Stored downloads’ section

  • Personal Identifiable Information

    Some information stored in a user’s profile is considered personal identifiable information (PII). Not all portal users who have access to the CRM will be able to view PII – this should be determined in accordance with your company’s policy on access to PII.

    Accordingly, whether or not the ‘Show personal identifiable information’ option is enabled for a given user will have an impact on what they can see both when viewing a user’s profile in the CRM, a downloaded profile card and a CRM CSV download.

  • Device MAC Addresses

    As with personally identifiable information in user profiles, there is a separate permission setting for portal users which determines whether or not they are able to view the MAC address of devices shown in the CRM.

    If the ‘Show device mac address’ option is enabled, then the portal user will be able to view this information on CRM profiles.

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