Build and send communications to users of your guest WiFi with customisable emails and SMS communications

  • Creating a Communication
    1. Select ‘Create new template’
    2. Give the template a name
    3. Select whether this is to be an Email or SMS (requires an SMS connector to be configured) and choose the editor type you wish to use
    4. Select the parameter type
    5. Set the ownership level and then select OK
  • Using the Eshot Designer
    1. Give your Eshot a subject if you do not wish to use the default
    2. Select the desired venue(s) and visitors
    3. Specify the end date or a continuous communication under ‘Continue until’
    4. Select ‘Add elements’ to add elements
    5. Select ‘Publish’ to start sending your Eshot, or save to save your progress and return later

    Note: An Eshot cannot be modified once it has been published

  • Using Rules to Filter Recipients
    1. Select ‘Add a new rule set’
    2. Add one or more rules to your rule set to filter recipients by demographic information
    3. Select ‘Add another rule set’ to add more rules
    4. Save or publish the Eshot to continue
  • Creating Eshot Campaigns
    1. Below the Eshot content editor, select ‘Make this e-shot a campaign’
    2. Give the campaign a name
    3. Specify a URL to make the Eshot selectable by recipients
  • Adding a Campaign to an Image
    1. When adding an image to an Eshot, select ‘Image URL’ to make the image a clickable link
    2. In the popup box, add your desired URL
    3. Select ‘Run as campaign’
    4. Give the campaign a name
  • Using the SMS Editor
    1. Populate the Message Content box with the desired message
    2. Specify the visitors to include
    3. Specify when the communication should end
    4. If desired, add rules to filter recipients by demographic
    5. Select ‘Publish’ to start sending your SMS, or save progress to return later

    Note: An SMS cannot be modified once it has been published

  • Ending a Communication
    1. Select on the template name or expand the menu and select Edit
    2. Select on the ‘Cancel Communication’ button
    3. Select ‘OK’ to confirm

    Note: Once a communication has been cancelled, it cannot be restarted – you will need to either create a brand new communication template or duplicate the cancelled one and re-publish it

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