TripAdvisor Connector

The TripAdvisor connector can be set up at Venue level to gain reviews from visitors

  • Setting Up the TripAdvisor Connector
    1. Enter the ‘Connector Name’ – this can be anything you choose
    2. Enter the ‘Unique TripAdvisor URL’ – this is the link to your own TripAdvisor page
    3. Select ‘Save’ to record changes

    TripAdvisor will process requests for this connector within 24-48hrs

    You will receive an email from them confirming this

    Once this email is received, please progress to the ‘Opt-in to TripAdvisor’ guide below

  • Opt-in to TripAdvisor
    1. Visit
    2. Search for your business or venue name and select ‘Use Review Express’
    3. Select ‘Opt In Now’
    4. Select Purple as your ‘Provider’ and select ‘Next’ to proceed
    5. Accept the TripAdvisor Terms and Conditions to complete

    This will complete the set-up of your TripAdvisor Connector

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