Licensing Status

View a detailed overview of your current and expiring licensing and download reports in multiple formats

  • Using Licensing Status
    1. Select ‘is any value’ under the heading License to filter results between available license types
    2. Select ‘Tile Actions’ under each report to Download Data or Clear Cache & Refresh the report
    3. Select ‘Reload’ to repopulate the reports page
    4. Select the up or down arrow to sort individual reports by column in either ascending or descending order
  • Downloading Reports
    1. Select ‘Tile Actions’ under each report to Download Data
    2. Choose the desired file format from the dropdown
    3. Select ‘Advanced Data Options’ to choose desired options
    4. Select ‘Open in Browser’ to open the download in a new tab
    5. Select ‘Download’ to initialise the file download

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