Adding Hardware

Hardware guides for setting up and managing you captive WiFi portal

  • Accessing Hardware Setup Documents

    All of our hardware setup documentation is available within the Purple Portal and can be accessed when adding new hardware to the portal, as described in the section below.

    If you need to access one of these documents again for reference, this can be done by editing an existing hardware item:

    1. Select the menu icon and select ‘Edit’
    2. To simply view the setup manual, select ‘View Manual Online’
    3. To download a copy, select ‘Download Manual’


  • Adding a Single Access Point
    1. Select ‘Add hardware’ and give the hardware a name to identify it in the portal
    2. Select the hardware type from the dropdown menu
    3. Populate the MAC address field with the WiFi MAC address of the access point
    4. Select ‘Save details’
    5. Set up your device(s) using the instructions provided in the portal
  • Using the Import Tool
    1. Select ‘Import hardware’
    2. Select the method you wish to use (API/Copy and Paste/File Upload)
    3. Select the type of hardware you want to import and provide the required information
    4. Select all of the access points you wish to import under ‘Discovered hardware’
    5. Select ‘Import’

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