Application Components

Learn about the individual Data and Security measures for each of our application components

  • Captive Portal

    When a user connects to a SSID, they will be redirected to a captive portal splash page hosted by Purple. This splash page is configurable by Purple customers, and will present the user with one or more access methods (e.g. a registration form or social media login such as Facebook). Upon choosing an access method, the user will be presented with a T&Cs popup which they must accept to continue. This pop up contains links to Purple’s terms of use, privacy policy and any user-defined terms. Upon declining the terms, the user will be returned to the splash page. Upon accepting the terms, the user will either fill in the form or grant Purple OAuth access via a social media platform. Purple will then authorize the user on our RADIUS server and redirect the user back to the network controller which will release the user from the captive portal so they can access the wider Internet.

    Captive portal splash pages are hosted on access nodes which is an elastically scaling PHP application backed by a scaling NoSQL database. Static content is served from Amazon’s Cloudfront.

    Our RADIUS servers are FreeRADIUS servers that store data on a GCP Cloud SQL database.

  • Location / Presence Data Collection

    Location-based services such as Cisco MSE, Ruckus SPOT or Meraki Cloud can be used with the product. These collect the MAC addresses of WiFi-enabled devices within range of the network APs and either provide basic RSSI information (which can be used to estimate the distance from the AP to derive footfall, dwell time, conversion and bounce rate stats) or estimated X/Y coordinates that can be used to place a user on a map and track paths a user takes around a venue. Location data can be linked to known WiFi users via MAC address.

  • Customer Portal

    The portal is the application where resellers and customers manage their licenses, infrastructure and view reports. Access to this application is controlled by username and password. User accounts can be given granular rights (read or write access to many individual sections of the portal) and are assigned hierarchically (e.g. with rights to a single venue, a group of venues, a whole company or a whole reseller, etc). Platform rights are granted by individual users, and a user cannot grant or revoke rights beyond their own scope.

    When a new portal user is created, they are sent a username (email) and a randomly generated password in email format. Upon first login, they are asked to change this password to one of their choice, which must be greater than 8 characters and contain both numbers and capital letters. The user must change their password every 90 days and they are not allowed to reuse any password from the past 12 months.

  • Radius

    All traffic to our Radius server has to be authenticated with a called station id and password. Without this traffic is denied access. For additional security a one time password is also created and once used is discarded and cannot be used again.

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